MindShift Moments
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It’s Time for a Global MindShift

For thousands of years we have been living with the belief that life happens TO us, that separation is real, and what we perceive with our 5-basic senses is reality.

Our world systems have all been set up to perpetuate this belief.

The problem is, it isn’t true.

Life is actually happening BY us, not TO us and reality is not as it appears.

Ancient teachings, religious texts and science have been trying to tell us this for years.

The time has come to shift our understanding.

The sustainability and quality of our future depends on it.


1-ON-1 MENTORING for deep-thinkers and socially-conscious game-changers who are trying to unearth why the world is the way it is, purpose and other big life questions. It can help to speak with someone who has been where you are now.

handwritten checklist

handwritten checklist

1-ON-1 ACCOUNTABILITY, GUIDANCE AND PLANNING SUPPORT for super inspired purpose-driven, socially-conscious entrepreneurs, game-changers and leaders who have a vision to help make the world a better place.

Public speaking microphone

Public speaking microphone

SPEAKING & WORKSHOPS Thought provoking talks and workshops designed to help the participants see past the illusion of reality and of who and what we are, understand the role beliefs and mindsets play in the thought-to-action cycle and working with our brain not against it.

BLOGS, QUOTABLES AND OTHER MUSINGS to help you see past the illusion of reality, shift your thinking and create your life and world with conscious intention.