Hi, I’m Lisa Layden.

I’m a Thought Leader focused on creating a global mindshift in our perception of separation, reality and who/what we are in order to create a better world for all life

Through speaking, workshops, on-line courses, writing and individual mentoring, I work with other deep-thinking super-inspired purpose-driven, socially-conscious entrepreneurs, game-changers and leaders who have a vision to help make the world a better place.

I help them understand the root reason why the world is the way and why world issues will continue until we address and deal with the root reason. From there I help them to stay focused and accountable to their vision of creating a better world based on this understanding and in a way that works with the brain and not against it.


To provide clarity and empowerment to those who will take this understanding in order to create a better world for all life including planet Earth.

To empower positive global change based on equality and sustainability for all life.

To inspire a massive global awakening shift in human consciousness.

It’s time.