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Welcome to (the “Site”). The Site, which is operated by Being Organized 101 Inc. (the “Company”), the membership program (the “Program”) and the services (the “Services”) offered at the Site are provided to you only on the terms and conditions described in these Terms of Use.


Please review these Terms of Use carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use the Site or any of the Services.

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Therefore it is your responsibility to review these Terms of Use often.

The term “you” or “user” refers to all individuals and entities accessing this Site for any reason; a “Member” or “Client” is someone who has registered with the Site in order to receive Services.

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Words used to equate to “Being Organized 101 Inc.”, it’s shareholders, include but are not limited to “I”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Mentor”, “Teacher”, “Guide”, “”, “”, “”, “Lisa Layden”, “MindShiftMoments”, “Program”, “Course”, the “Company”. The use of these terms has been utilized to help make the document easier to read.


Lisa Layden Director of Being Organized 101 Inc. 87 Schooner Drive, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N3 Canada Web site: and


In general terms, I teach, mentor and guide individuals, groups and companies from all walks of life in order to help create a global mindshift in our perception of separation, reality and of who/what we are in order to help create a better world for all life.

  • TEACH – I teach you what I know

  • MENTOR – I mentor you based on my experience

  • GUIDE – I help guide you along your path


Anything outside of the “What I Do” section above.

In other words, I do not profess to be able to fix you or anything in your life.

I will not guarantee you a rose garden, an end to money, relationship, financial, legal, health or any other type of problems or situations in your past, current or future life.

Only you can fix you.

I am simply sharing with you what I have picked up along the way.

I am not a trained professional, nor do I profess to be. There are plenty of experts out there who can help you with legal, financial, health, business, marketing, etc. who are trained in this capacity.


All payments shall be made in Canadian dollars.

For 1-on-1 mentoring programs, payment must be received from the Client to the Company a minimum of 48 hours prior to the first scheduled one-on-one appointment. I also offer a 3 payment option for 1-on-1 mentoring programs. There’s a 10% additional charge for this. With this payment option, the first payment would be required 48 hours before session 1, the second 48 hours before session hour 3 and the final payment would be required 48 hours before session hour 6.

For online self-study courses and programs, payment must be received before the program is accessible.

The program will not begin until payment has been made.

You authorize us to charge you for use of the Services, at the posted prices, (such prices subject to change at any time by the Company without any specific notice to you, beyond posting a notification on the website), at such times as you specify upon enrollment and continuing until you cancel your membership.

You represent and warrant that: (i) any credit card or other payment information you supply is true and complete, (ii) charges incurred by you will be honored by your credit card company, and (iii) you are responsible to pay the charges incurred by you at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes.


For all 1-on-1 mentoring programs, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a previously scheduled 1-on-1 mentoring appointment. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to notify the Company of such a change within the required timeframe. Failure to do so can result in the permanent forfeit of the appointment.


The Company is committed to providing you with a high quality and valuable Program.

For all 1-on-1 mentoring programs, we offer a “Completely Understand” guarantee. If you decide the 1-on-1 mentoring program you signed up for and paid for isn’t for you any time before our 3rd session, the Company will give you a prorated return*. The Company won’t “sell you” on staying. No questions asked. Note* The amount you will be charged and bound to pay will be equal to the cost of the program divided by the number of hours utilized, plus 10%. In the event, you had fully paid for the program, a refund will be processed within 30 days of receiving notification of your position not to continue with the program. To be refunded a client will have to email to to let the Company know. The Client is free to provide constructive feedback if they choose and this information will be used by the Company to improve the service.

For all online self-study programs/courses taken through the Web Site (, (unless specifically worded differently for a particular program/course or limited time offer) we offer a “Completely Understand” guarantee. As soon as your payment is received and verified in our system, you gain access to the first few units of the program with each successive unit in the program being released one week after the previous unit release. If you decide the online program you signed up and paid for isn’t for you, you may cancel your program within 28 days of purchase for a full refund. All we ask is that you have read through the material (which is automatically tracked as a feature of the tool used to deliver the program/course). No refunds will be processed after 28 days.


Enrollment in a Program, course or service with the Company is for your use only and is not transferable in full or part, directly or indirectly.


We may terminate or suspend your Membership, your access to all or part of the Site and/or your use of the Services, without notice and for any reason, including, but not limited to, for violation of the Terms of Use or engaging in any conduct that we, in our sole discretion, believe is in violation of any applicable law or regulation or is otherwise harmful to our interests or to the ethics of the Company, another customer of the Site or any third party.


Subject to the Client’s obligation to pay the Fees to the Mentor, either Party’s liability arising directly out of its obligations under this Agreement and every applicable part of it shall be limited in aggregate to the Fees.

The Mentor assumes no liability due to the quality of items or services purchased for or by the Client.

Services are for the entertainment, education, and information of the Client based on the personal experience and anecdotal evidence of the Mentor. It is not intended to provide personalized advice for any and all situations the Client may have. Any guidance provided is not intended to replace common sense, legal, medical, financial, business or other professional advice. If expert advice is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. For purposes of this agreement, the practice of medical and financial counseling includes, without limitation, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, or providing health care treatment, instructions, diagnosis, prognosis or advice, financial advisors, financial planners, tax advisors, corporate attorneys, business attorneys, board certified business planners, business coaching, business marketing coaching, or any other type of business coaching, life coaching, personal development coaching or any other personal coaching.

Any application of the recommendations provided to you through the Program is at your discretion and sole risk and responsibility. No warranty is granted that the Program will not contain material that you or other individuals may find objectionable. However, we will investigate complaints and appreciate your input. Please submit any such feedback directly to Being Organized 101 Inc. using our contact page (or email) on the Platform.

In other words, the Client assumes any and all responsibility for any actions carried out as a result of agreeing to any and all parts of the services provided.


I don’t believe in get-rich-change-your-life overnight programs/courses – only in hard work, adding value and serving others. The programs, courses, services, etc. offered through the Company are simply intended to help you live your life to its fullest.

As stipulated by law (and my own personal integrity), I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with any ideas, information, tools or strategies offered within and outside of the services offered through the Company. I also cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results of any kind, with the ideas, information, tools, strategies offered within and outside of the services offered through the Company.


Everything and anything (material, content, images, photographs, articles, etc), provided and communicated by the Company in any medium, are the sole intellectual property of the Company and is protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws and are the sole property of the Company. No rights are being granted to you. You agree that you will not alter, harm, share, copy or otherwise use this information without the expressed written consult of the Company. You agree not to use any robot, spider or other automatic devices, nor may you use any process to monitor materials available through the Site without our express authorization. You agree not to use Site or its contents in a manner that violates any provincial or federal law regulating email, facsimile transmissions or telephone solicitations; nor export or re-export the Site or any portion thereof, in violation of any directly or indirectly related law or regulation of such of the country of Canada.


The Company provides the and Web site as a service to the public and Web site owners. The Company is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, the reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site. While the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this Web site is correct, complete, and up-to-date. Although the Company Web site may include links providing direct access to other Internet resources, including Web sites, the Company is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in these sites. Links from the Company to third-party sites do not constitute an endorsement by the Company of the parties or their products and services. The appearance on the Web site of advertisements and product or service information does not constitute an endorsement by the Company, and the Company has not investigated the claims made by any advertiser. Product information is based solely on material received from suppliers.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Company and the Program, its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns, and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or relating to your improper use or receipt of the Program, the Services, or otherwise in connection with the Company, the Site, the Program, or any violation by you of this Agreement including, without limitation, any errors, inaccuracies, misrepresentations or defects in any materials or information submitted by you.


In the unlikely event of a dispute, it will be handled by Being Organized 101 Inc.’s Director in accordance with the Canadian legal system in the province of Ontario.


I value your privacy to infinity and beyond. That includes contact information and any other information you voluntarily share with me. I will never rent, sell or share your contact information with 3rd party vendors.

This Privacy Policy covers how the Company treats personal information that it collects and receives. “Personal information” is defined as information about you that is personally identifiable, like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

By using our Site, you signify your agreement with all the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Site. I understand that while working with me, you may share information which you consider private and confidential in nature. Please know that I would never, ever share that information with anyone, ever. With that said, if you are doing something illegal, I am legally obligated to report that. So if you are, oh I don’t know…. A pedophile, bank robber, drug dealer, member of a terrorist group, etc., you might not want to work with me. Just sayin’.


The Company is CASL compliant and utilize a “double opt-in” process to collect information and includes an “unsubscribe” link in email communications sent from its Contact Management System. In the event an individual email is sent outside of the Contact Management System to a person who has requested information/contact from the Company, there are instructions at the bottom of each email to facilitate a manual unsubscribe.


We only collect what “Personal Information” you provide to us with your permission.

Personal Information is defined as information about you that is personally identifiable, like your name, address, email address, or phone number and that is not otherwise publicly available.

By using our Site, you signify your agreement with all the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Site.

Places where you (with your permission) provide me this information, is via when you sign up to receive the MindShift Moments electronic newsletter, a free e-book, schedule a strategy session, program/course signup.

No information is shared or sold to any third party company.

When you sign up to receive a free e-book and e-zine subscription, your name and email address is collected to enable the transmission of the items mentioned.

When you sign up for a program, webinar, teleseminar, etc. the contact information you provide is utilized to be able to communicate and send you the specific materials, links, etc. for the program, webinar, teleseminar.

This information is used to respond to any inquiries you, the Client send to us.


Certain analytical tools (ie Google Analytics) are utilized by the Company to better serve the people who visit and utilize its services.

Here is an example of where the Company would look at analytics:

Any videos shared on web sites belonging to Being Organized 101 Inc. are hosted at, and/or Some of these sites capture information for analytical purposes and the specific data collected is defined at those sites. The Company periodically reviews the stats of videos to help know if they are being watched, how often and from where. Having this information simply helps the Company know if the videos are valuable, too long, too short, etc.

The Company also through the web site ( captures information for analytical purposes to determine Client use of the online courses, the material contained within the courses, etc. both at the course and at the individual Client level. The Company periodically reviews the stats to help know if the material is being utilized, how often and by who. Having this information simply helps the Company know if the content is valuable, too long, too short, etc.

The Company also currently uses manual methods to track the number of followers and ‘likes’ on various social media to know if communicating on these platforms is something of value.