Creating a better world requires drive, vision and support.

Providing 1-on-1 accountability, guidance and planning support to super-inspired, purpose-driven, socially-conscious, create-a-better-world entrepreneurs, game changers and leaders who understand the value and importance that accountability, guidance and planning can bring to turning their vision into reality.


You have a great big vision to help make the world a better place. You’re driven (both by personality and by a deep inner calling). You’re socially-conscious, heart-centred, and you get that life is happening BY you not TO you.

You also know that in order to see your vision materialize you need someone to help you be accountable to yourself and to that vision.


You’re not looking for a high-priced group program full of fancy worksheets, weekly recorded calls, exaggerated promises, Facebook group pages and limited-time pricing discounts designed to engage the fear of missing out scarcity mindset.

Instead you’re looking for someone to meet with one-on-one (virtually or in person) who has experience and can help you stay laser focused and accountable to your vision.

Someone who understands your vision is not driven by your ego and fanfare, but rather an inner calling to see it through.

Someone who understands your driven yet private nature.

Someone who also has an inner calling to help make the world a better place.

Someone who understands that we are each unique and while one person may be looking for strictly accountability, another may be looking for accountability, guidance and planning support.

Someone who understands the power of intention and working with the brain, not against it and brings methods to the table that aligns with this understanding.

In short, someone who gets you, who also wants to help make the world a better place, who has the experience and who is also a trusted advisor.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please feel free to schedule a free and non-obligatory 30-minute Skype call (via the form below). You can choose a date/time from my schedule that works for you.

On the call, we can chat about your vision and if what I offer can help you.

In the meantime, please check out the different options below as a guideline. Each option can be tweaked to meet your indiviual needs.

Business Services - Option 1 - accountability

Option 1

You know your vision. You have a plan in place. You simply need and understand the value of having someone to help you be accountable to it; to stay on task.

We can discuss progress on accountability items from the previous touch point, identify and track to-do’s for the next period.

Touch points can be as little as 20 minutes once per week depending on your needs.

Business Services - Option 2 - accountability and guidance

Option 2

Like option 1, you have your vision and plan in place but you’re looking for something more than strictly accountability.

With weekly touch points, we can discuss your accountability items and if required, tweak and provide guidance/sounding board you on your plan as it moves along.

Business Services - Option 2 - accountability, guidance and planning support

Option 3

You have a vision for something big and you know accountability and guidance plays a big part in seeing it through, but you also would like help laying out the plan.

Together we’ll first have a look to see if it aligns with your Big-Why; Inner-Purpose (and walk you through a process to help unearth your Big-Why if you don’t know what yours is).

Then we’ll look at developing your plan through a series of non-traditional steps (think Core-Dumps, S-m-a-r-t Visions, No-Gaps and environment) in a way that works with your brain and the power of intention rather than against it.

We’ll meet at pre-set intervals to track progress (aka accountability), provide guidance and discuss any revisions to the plan as required.