Lest We Forget

Desk with World War 1 artifacts. Remembrance and lest we forget.

Desk with World War 1 artifacts. Remembrance and lest we forget.

Lest We Forget

On November 11, 2018 events were held around the world to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the Armistice (the end) of World War I.

At the time, World War I was called “the war to end war”; “the war to end all wars” and even after so many lives were lost, so many lives were impacted and such damage was incurred because of that war, World War II began a short time later.

Yet even after two world wars, today humans are still at war in various places around the world using traditional methods as well as terrorism and cyberwar.

Why is it we as a species never seem to learn and move past the need for war?

While there are many reasons, to get to the root cause we need to look deeper to what I call “The Illusion of Separation” (and the by-product illusions that result from it).

Because we as a species believe in the illusion of separation, we believe there is something to gain from going to war with another. We believe in scarcity. We believe that some people (as well as other life forms) are better than another. We believe that power, control, acquiring property, wealth, etc will satisfy our belief in the illusion.

Yet none of that will.

What will satisfy the illusion of separation and as well as the ego and fear-based actions we take because of it, will be to wake up from the illusion.

Waking up to the illusion of separation (whether we look at this illusion from the scientific, religious, one species, one planet to call home, etc), will help us see that what we do to another, we ultimately do to ourselves. It will help us to understand that scarcity, power, control, fear, etc. are all by-product illusions we have created by our belief in the illusion of separation.

While it may take time and a change in how we as individualized societies operate and resolve differences, I believe it is possible to wake up from this illusion. When (if ever) we begin to slip back into believing we are separate, may the words “lest we forget” remind us of the past horrors and inequalities we experienced while under the illusion so that we never fall asleep again.

We have a choice to make.

We can choose to remain asleep and continue to create a reality based on the illusion of separation or choose to wake up and begin to see we are truly one.

Which choice will you make?

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Lisa Layden


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